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NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Tuesday, February 1

English bulldog potty training problems ! Please help

English Bulldog potty training - PROBLEMS

 Hi my name is Shannon, I have a 12 week old english bulldog.
I feed him when he gets up in the morning and 15 minutes later i take him out he goes to the bathroom but when i bring him in 10 minutes later he pees its always on my rugs but when he's out side I make sure he does both.  I give him treats when he goes outside. How can I get him to stop going on my rugs I'm tired of shampooing my rugs all the time.
I love my Mortimor (thats his name) and wouldn't trade him for the world but I can't have him pee in the house. 

PLEASE help:
           Shannon and her little chubby Mortimor

Answer -
 from Pet Nurse Marie Peppers LPN MA

Hello Shannon and Mortimor -  sure,  I can help you.... As for the teething, he needs to learn bite inhabition... do a google search on this : teach a puppy bite inhabition....

NEXT - about the potty training: Keep this little guy in a gated area of the house - limited area:

When he is IN the house use a male belly band or male wrap.  
Here is a link to one:  YOU can buy the female maxi pads and put them inside the male wrap.   ( I use the "human" female maxi or mini pads)
Buy your Male Wrap here:

When he is done going potty outside put the wrap on his penis...
If he goes potty in the house, he will pee in the wrap...

MOST boys don't like the WET feeling inside the wrap and will stop the pee...
Also, when you see him going pee ( in the house ) SAY no - even if he has the male wrap on...
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Don't forget a good Bullie Vitamin /  NuVET Plus
1000s of bulldogs take NuVET each day...
Tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you!  .....

Good LUCK potty training..

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I sure hope this helps!!!!