NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Tuesday, February 15

American Bulldog chews his paws ! Sores on Paws;


Why does our dog chew at his paws and gets sores on them all the time? He also gets sore like lumps just under his skin and has real bad ears?
 We clean his ears and take good care of his paws but nothing changes.
He is abt 4 yrs old. He eats Iams Pro Active dry dog food  & some table food such as beef and noodles, ham and cheese.  Looking into a grain free dog food, what do you suggest?

You may want to have a Vet take a look at the ears and check them out for infection.

Yes, a low grain or grain-free food would be great.

Here are some Tips:

Pure salmon oil - just 1 tablespoon per day
( great for skin and coat)
I get mine from here:  Pure Alaska SalmonArtic Paws Salmon oil
,  Sorry your American Bulldog has such discomfort!

WAFER - TREAT - Supplement:  NuVet

A GREAT Skin Healer and Allergy Blaster1 per day - All Natural:
see here:


Some great grain-free foods:
Take a look at all the Great Choices:

This is an excellent Probiotic /

HELPS to get rid of Ear Yeast  ( Helps with ear infections)
You can give 1 per day for 90 days.
This is not a drug/ Natural

Ok, Please call the VET if the inside of your dog's ears has drainage and pus.
He may need a medication from the local Vet.

Hope this helps!

Marie Peppers LPN MA