NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Sunday, January 23

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NuVet Plus® Testimonials

Poodle's Hair Loss Reversed!

My poodle, Coco, has been my best friend for the last nine years.   There is nothing I would not do for her and she is the most loyal companion anyone could have in their life.   About a year ago, Coco began losing hair in certain areas of her body; particularly in her back region.   Naturally, she and I visited the vet where we were given some kind of liquid ointment to rub on daily, along with some prescription pills.
Unfortunately, it did not work and I actually believe it created another problem on Coco's skin: warts!   That's right, little bumps started popping up all over her body and when I brought her back to the vet clinic, the same doctor said the bumps were a natural occurrence with dogs her age and there was nothing he could recommend.
About a week later I was at the groomers and began discussing Coco's condition with the owner, Beth.   She suggested that as a last resort I try a bottle of NuVet Plus.   Right away I was impressed simply because Coco ate it.   Let's just say, she's a tad finicky.   But the true miracle of NuVet Plus showed its magic within three weeks when I noticed some of her hair coming back.   And within a month and a half, she was my beautiful Coco again.   Even her warts vanished.

Thank you NuVet Labs, I can't say enough great things about your product.  You really are my "Dog's Best Friend".

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