NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Wednesday, January 26

Recent Review from one of our Doggie Clients and Family:

Re- Cozy Country Doggie Ranch and Cozy Pets Marie and John Peppers
 ( This was posted on Craig's List 1/25/11 Columbia S.C.)

Thanks for such a wonderful Review ---We love your boy, too! Thanks little Brady and Family

HERE is our Web site :
For South Carolina residents needing pet care:....Call Us:

Recent Testimonial on Cozy Country Ranch in the Columbia S.C. area:

I know how long and hard we looked for GOOD pet boarding when we first got our dog so I wanted to hopefully help out all you dog owners out there and make it simple:
 Cozy Country is THE best we have found. It's so hard to trust your furkids to someone else but Marie is hands down the nicest, most amicable in-home boarder we have met. When she comes to pick our dog up in the "dog taxi" he goes running toward her and doesn't look back--same if we drop him off out at their house in the country.

He loves the cage-free boarding and we love the peace of mind knowing he's being loved on and well taken care of.

 The last time he stayed, she gave him his medication, brushed his mat-prone ears, bathed him before he came home, and even gave him his special treats at different times of the day each day--other places have charged us individually for EACH of these things, but for Marie it's just part of being a good dog sitter, and her rates are still lower than most places we've found.

Anyway, I just figured that there's always so many negative things being posted on this board telling you who to stay away from that I'd come on and post one telling you who to actually go TO!

On second thought, maybe this wasn't such a good idea--I hope we're still able to get a spot over the holidays and summer vacation ;-)