NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Saturday, January 29

Puppy weaning - puppy mush recipe

Puppy Mush Recipe - Easy to do:  Formula and Mush

My Golden Retriever/yellow Lab had 8 puppies almost 3 wks ago. 
 She hasn't been spending much time feeding them lately.  She will go into the area that they are and stand and they have to reach up to her to try to get any milk.  They appear to be healthy and are growing but what concerns me is that maybe they aren't getting enough or she just doesn't have enough to fill all of them.
 I was wondering if I could give them a supplement (mothers milk, or when do you introduce softened food)at least once a day? 
 I just feel bad when I hear them cry and seem like they are starving.


YOU can feed them with a bottle...
You are right, mom is not too interested in feeding them.

Here is the recipe and please do this for 1-2 weeks - after that, you can go to a Mush Food
( see below)

Formula for pups:
Make your own puppy formula by mixing a 13-oz. can of evaporated milk, 13 oz. of water, 4 oz. of plain yogurt, 4 egg yolks and 1 tbsp. of liquid vitamins.
Water is very important, especially with formula that includes yogurt and canned milk.
Add a dash per bottle of the NuVET vitamin powder - see below to order....
A dash is just a pinch per bottle -  per 4-6 ounce bottls

After about 4-5 weeks go with this :


Puppy Mush -
1/2 cup of Dry Kibble and 1/4 cup of the WET canned food - add some formula ( puppy formula )- 1/8 cup or less:
Offer 3 x per day until they are 4-5 months old - then it is possible to feed 2-3 x per day...
**( Your vet will help you decide what and how much to feed as they get older)

We use Life's Abundance dry kibble:

PLEASE add this great pup vitamin powder to one  of the meals...

You can add the NuVET powder into the mush food:
NuVET also makes a wafer for older dogs.
With the NuVET just add
1/4 of a teaspoon per dog per day.Call NuVET - this is holistic and not sold in stores...

Tell them pet Nurse Marie wants you to give only 1/4 a powder dosage for now and LATER on - a few months, you can give 1/2 of the powder dosage per day.
Use referral code 81098
I hope this helps :
Many breeders do place a little of the NuVET supplement into the pup mush or even pup baby bottles.  To give them the BEST start you can....

Good luck

Marie Peppers LPN MA

Question  ( From the Ask the Pet Nurse site)