NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Thursday, January 20

Probiotics for EAR infections.....

I have a pit bull and her ears have been bothering her for a while now.They itch all the time and she scratches the until they bleed.They have an awful odor and puss discharge.I called the vet and they said it was probably ear mites and to get some over the counter ear mite medication and it has not helped. I was just wondering if you had any suggestions.I also thought it might be some kind of fungus or something.But it kills me to see her shaking her head all the time and scratching them till they bleed.


Hi Tina, This pitbull kid should see a Vet for some antibiotics.
Sound like an infection to me.
You can have the vet do a quick exam and give you an RX for antibiotics.
Your dog may need pills and drops.

For the future, to help prevent Ear infections a quality dog food with No corn is very helpful.
Here is one that I have many clients using:

Probiotics - Try PEARLS - 1 x per day for 90 days -
SEE here - Sure helps to lessen the Yeast build up in the ears...
You can find this box at Walmart, Walgreen's CVS -  must be the blue box only


NuVET Plus Supplement ... ( like a treat )  
will help to REDUCE future ear infection and help to cure this one by lowering the inflammation.  NuVET wafers will help to increase a poor or low immune system:

Order here- YOUR pit kid will need 1 1/2 per day long term - It's a treat and Vitamin/ supplement all in one.
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HOPE this all helps you.  Good food and supplements are the Key to reduced health problems with your bullie breed.

Food - Blue Buffalo or Fromm's Gold Dog food is what I often recommend ..

Best Wishes,

Marie Peppers LPN MA

My Rescued bullie, Duke