NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Monday, January 31

Poodle with mites- Demodex mange

Question:  Itchy Poodle with mites

My 10 month Toy Poodle Charlie has been itching, scratching, licking for too long. It is getting worse and the medication isn’t helping him.
 The Following is what has been done:
1- Tritop Ointment 10g/twice a day
2- Ivermectin Oral/.1mls once a day for Mites

1- Skin Scrap

Brand of Food:
Start with:
Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Original Ultra For Puppies through

Change for:
Same brand, grain free (two weeks ago)

Can Food:
Sweet Potato & Chicken, grain free

Sweet Potato & Chicken, grain free, small breed

green beans
I notice that his stool is dry; I believe is the grain free diet.
Please help my Charlie; he is a such good puppy.


Hi ,Poor little Charlie the poodle.  Yes, mange mites can take some time to control.  Glad you did see your Vet for a skin scrape test.  Looks like your diet and treats are all excellent choices.

I would only add 2 supplements to your daily program :

Pure salmon oil - just 1/4 teaspoon per day for dry stool and dry skin.
I get mine from here:  Pure Alaska Salmon

Artic Paws Salmon oil

 NuVET Plus wafers - Just 1/2 wafer per day - LET's Boost that Immune system.  Pets that have had mites tend to have a weak immune system.  NuVET will also help to stop the itching.
Here is a Testimonial from one pet owner:  There are 1000s just like this:
Hello NuVET,

From May through October of 2009, my dog, A.J., was being treated for contact dermatitis.
In October it was finally diagnosed as Demodex mange caused by a weak immune system.
The vet started treatment to kill the mites causing mange and said the disease was only 1 percent curable.

I was concerned about building up A.J.’s immune system and found information about Nuvet products on the internet. I took the information to a friend in Durango, Colorado, who used to be a vet but is now doing acupuncture. She had a bottle of nuvet wafers on the shelf, tested it and said it would be a good thing for A.J. He is on a fish and sweet potato diet, to which I add NuVet Plus powder (he didn’t like the wafers), kelp and enzymes.

By January the mites were all dead and A.J.’s fur was growing back. He had another checkup in July 2010, and the vet was thrilled and stated that A.J. was 100 percent cured. This summer we had to make trips to the groomer to cut off the heavy coat of fur. I will continue giving NuVet Plus powder to A.J. for the rest of his life as the product certainly did bolster his immune system.

Patricia Goundry
New Mexico


To order NuVET - Please call 1-800-474-7044
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Tell them about your poodle Charlie boy.

Make sure they know you are working with Marie Peppers of Ask the Pet Nurse.

Thanks for all the info!  It was very helpful

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