NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Wednesday, January 26

Litter box Tip - for cat owners: Try Horse Bedding!

Horse Bedding for cat litter- I use the horse pellets.

SEE link below -

I AM so happy I changed from cat litter to Horse bedding 7 months ago!!
SAVING me money and I don't have the Pee smell..
I did change the cat litter every 3 days and scooped 2 x per day - and it still smelled.  NOW - it doesn't smell

I love this kind of litter... NOT litter at all, it's HORSE Bedding.

Works great - I scoop the solids out every other day.

See my Q and A site: ASK the Pet Nurse

horse bedding for litter box:

here is a link to a photo of the horse pine pellets