NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Saturday, January 29

cat URI green mucus eyes ; L-Lysine for Feline virus infections ;

Cat's with URI try L-lysine amino acid - all Natural


I have a female kitten and her eye is swollen and has a green mucus discharge in the corner of her eye. What can I do and what is it?
PLease help


Hi Alyssa, Your kitten may have an eye infection and needs to see the Vet.  Your local VET can give her some antibiotics to get her better.
You can also add some good supplements to her food:
A great one is L-lysine: ( treats)
Here are 3 products that can sure help....
 L-lysine treats (or pills)  and eye ointments:

L-lysine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It inhibits the replication of herpes virus.

In cats, herpes virus is not sexually transmitted. It is a highly contagious and extremely common cause of upper respiratory infections, or URIs. URIs are marked by eye discharge, squinting, sneezing, and and sinus congestion.
Feline herpes virus does not spread to people.

Most cats are able to suppress herpes virus with their immune systems. However, some cats suffer chronic or recurrent URIs as a consequence of infection with herpes virus.
 These cats may benefit from dietary supplementation with L-lysine.

To increase the Immune system, many of my clients also use the NuVET Feline formula
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AGAIN, you many want to see the Local Vet for a good exam.
Please get this baby onto the L-lysine and the NuVet supplements.

BEST wishes

Marie Peppers , LPN Ma
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