NuVET Plus is Amazing

NuVET Plus is Amazing
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Saturday, January 22

Canned Pure Pumpkin for Diarrhea / Loose Stools

Q and A from : Ask the Pet Nurse:   ( Puppy diarrhea - tips )

Hi, I've had my puppies since they were 5 weeks old because their mother did not want to nurse them anymore. I got the puppy formula from pet co and they were doing great on that. I started mixing in some soft pedigree food and they were still doing okay. Well when i completely switched to the pedigree soft food they got diarrhea and they've been having it for the past 3 days. Their brother is with my sister in-law and shes feeding him Purina one kibble and hes doing fine. Is the diarrhea caused from the pedigree soft food, or did I just switch them too early. Their brother got switched to hard food right away and hes fine. But my puppies wont eat hard food.


Hi Kimberly, Let's try soaking the dry food.  Place the dry kibble in some hot water.  After about 20 minutes the dry kibble will soak up the water.  You can add just a few teaspoons of the wet dog food into the very Wet kibble.  ( just get the excess water drained, if there is any)

Also, you can give them some Canned pure pumpkin - just mix 2 tablespoons into the dog food 1 x per day.  This will help to firm up the stool.  PURE canned pumpkin with NO added sugar.YOU can do this for 5-7 days at 1 x per day.

Also, the pups should be on a good vitamin/supplement - all our pups and adult dogs take NuVET Plus - you can buy the powder and mix it into the food daily.  GREAT for an immune system booster and for "over-all" good health.   The Pet Foods does not have enough vitamins in them.  Many of the vitamins are killed in the cooking process.
NuVET comes in a wafer or powder form.
You can't buy this at the store - needs to be ordered:  Holistic - all Natural
Tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you.


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Please have your Vet check the Pups for worms and parasites -  Pups need to be wormed a few times before the age of 3 months.
Talk to your Vet about the worming schedule and shots, too.

Thanks for your Quesiton...

Marie Peppers