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Canine Bladder stones; Canine urinary tract infection symptoms and home remedies ;

Canine urinary tract infection symptoms and home cooking

 ( this is an Answer to a Client's Question on home cooking ) 

Here are a few recipes that have worked well with Renal pets ( kideny patients) ***
YOU may want to pass this by your Vet.
I also suggest NuVet Plus supplements and Cranberry, too:

PLEASE remember that I am NOT a VET... With that said, here goes:

Calcium Oxalate stones in canine - Recipe for home-cooking:

*** the key is low Phos and low protein:

The following will work along with the NuVET supplement to balance:
Only 1 NuVet Wafer per day
( link for NuVET Below:)

LOW PROTEIN DIETS and low phosphorous,

Low protein diets play a role in the treatment of  kidney disease.
[If your pet has been prescribed a low protein diet], but doesn’t like any of the commercial preparations, you might consider trying one of these home-cooked recipes.


(low-protein, low-phosphorous, high-potassium, normal sodium)* for Dogs

1 egg, large, cooked

3 cups potato, boiled with skin

1 tablespoon chicken fat

1 calcium carbonate tablets (600 milligrams calcium)
( Or use TUMS) ***( YES - TUMs .....)

1 multiple-mineral tablet -  ( GIVE just 1 NuVET Per day:) order below***

Provides 600 kilocalories, 15.1 grams protein, 18.5 grams fat.

This was for an 18 pound dog for a day of food)-********
Supports caloric needs of an  "18-pound dog"
(* If your dog is more than 18 pounds add a little x-tra of the egg and potato)

Provides phosphorus at 53 percent, potassium at 322 percent, sodium at 114 percent of dogs daily needs.

** PLUS you can freeze all the recipes into individual freezer dishes or baggies.
Don't forget the NuVET -
NuVET plus is a woderful Holistic vitamin supplement;
NuVET is very safe and many Kidney-Renal  patients take it daily.
When you call tell them that Pet Nurse Marie is working with you on home-cooking.

Call 1-800-474-7044   ( use referral code 81098 and ask about the 15% OFF program)

LET YOUR VET know you are home-cooking ....

This will cost a bunch LESS than the  HILL'S RX diet from the vet.
Just make sure you do the Calcium CARB ( TUMS) pills and the NuVET each day.


NEXT Recipe *****************


(low protein low phosphorus, high potassium, low sodium) for Dogs

1 cups cooked chicken breast

2 cups potato, boiled with skin

3 tablespoons chicken fat or Turkey gravy

3 calcium carbonate tablets (600 milligrams calcium)  Tums
( crush and mix into the food batch)

1   ( NUVET)  - see above link:

The above recipe should feed a 30 pound dog for 1 day.

YOU will need to break up meals into 2 feedings per day.
PLAY with the feeding amounts / see what makes your dog full.
YOU can also do a few "Grain-free" treats per day ( such as NO-GRAINERS)

Veggies- Here are a few:
½ pkg. Frozen Broccoli and
( All veggies must be grated or chopped very fine to digest)
½ pkg. Frozen Carrots - steamed until crisp/tender (chop up finely)
NEVER any onions please........

Can be frozen in small portions.

With any new recipes- you need to work with your dog ----
Watch for hunger and feed a little bit more if needed.

Your dog will adjust to the feeding in 4-5 days.

It is always better to give a little x-tra and work with the Feeding amounts.

Special -Thanks to :
For help with recipe formulation!
Douglas Island Veterinary

The following treats are acceptable for oxalate stone forming dogs:

plain cooked chicken

plain cooked turkey





white potatoes





Ok, I gave you a bunch of info.  The key is WATER - add a small amount - a few tablespoons to each meal - get the food nice and moist.
They ( kideny patients ) need plenty of water to drink and even place into the meals.

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